Interior Design:

Whatever your need, you can be confident that Alexandra Young Design will be an asset to you with time management, budget control, contacts and most importantly ease your stress along the way and make it a pleasant experience.

  • TurnKey Projects

The team have done a number of 'Turn Key Projects' which takes all the stress away and you can walk in with every detail already thought of from ice in the freezer for your Gin and Tonic, to your favourite books on the bookshelf. Managing all the contractors for you to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Project Management

Alexandra will happily guide a team of architects, builders, plumbers, electricians, joiners, craftsmen etc with expertise and confidence in order to achieve your dream home. 

  • Interiors Scheming 

Full house/room consultations followed by creating schemes, including bespoke joinery, soft furnishings, decorative objects, antiques and finding those unique one off pieces.

  • Garden Design

Alexandra can also extend her designing in to your garden. Whether you want a patio/seating area or are planning a new swimming pool, or just want advice on updating your garden and landscaping, Alexandra can help you plan and design this.



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