I have always enjoyed making things.  I think it started when I was ill with measles at prep school and my mother took me home to recuperate and taught me to sew.  Once I'd learnt the basics, I went on to make many of my own clothes. I would always transform my dormitories at prep school and beyond into a haven of inspiring images. Whether animals, pop stars, fashion or pinups, I always made the space my own.  I progressed to designing interiors and making couture clothing to fund my time at Wimbledon School of Art where I studied set, costume and lighting design for performance. I loved reading a book or script and imagining the spaces, styling the characters and making them become real through drawing storyboards, model making and later performance.  I have an instinct for creative originality that I bring to any project. 

I treat each clients brief like a script for a production, fully immersing myself in their requirements.  I have an obsession for researching and passion for finding unique pieces, either antique or decorative, adding personality to all my projects and giving interiors a lived in, timeless feel and making any event completely inspirational.  My approach for interiors steers away from stark hotel style to creating comfortable and practical lived in environments.  And my events are always unique and not production line generic, often involving hand making various elements myself.  No two jobs will ever look the same. 


Whether you are looking to update one tired room by changing a wall colour, an entire house renovation, or wanting an originally styled event, I can bring imaginative, creative ideas and make the whole experience enjoyable and stress free.

'People say you are what you eat, but in my view, you are what you see or how you see.  Wherever we go, we’re taking in impressions of the world, and I believe these images go deep into our psyches, becoming part of our own energy and imagination.  For me inspiration can come from many different sources - the gentle warmth of the Tuscan countryside, the heat and heady vitality of India, a piece of Memphis glass or the formality of an English country garden.  It might come from abstract memories - like the wings of a butterfly or a particular view of Venice.  There is so much to inspire us; the trick is making sure we are open enough to see it.’

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